Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Electric Smokers

The Bradley smoker is built of epoxy steel and has an aluminum interior, so is tough both inside and out. Its distinctive feature is a feeding system for Bradley’s own-brand sawdust briquettes, which are key to its unique style of smoking. The briquettes are fed into the smoke generator, where they burn for 20 minutes and then automatically move off the hot plate as the next ones are fed in. This system keeps the temperatures consistent and ensures a clean smoke with no acid or resin flavors, and brings out the natural taste of the food.

The smoker has an interior volume of over 2,000 cubic inches and features four smoking racks, so it can smoke large quantities of different meats at the same time. It enables either hot smoking, for cooking fish and meat, or cold smoking, for bacon, ham or smoked fish. The unit is so light that it can easily be carried around the garden or even taken to someone else’s house. The briquettes, which have to be purchased separately, come in several flavors.
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Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Electric Smoker Features

1. Unique smoke generator that burns wood-flavored briquettes for clean smoke cooking.

2. Small 125 watt element generates 500 degree heat.
Four smoking racks provide ample capacity for cooking several meats simultaneously..

3. Sliding knob at the base for heat control.

4. Magnetic seal on the door ensures perfect closure.

5. Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Electric Smoker Reviews

Not surprisingly, the most popular feature of this product for reviewers was the automatic feed-in of the briquettes, which ensures that the smoker is extremely easy to use and does not have to be watched all the time – “no babysitting” as more than one reviewer said. As one commented, you can start it up in the morning and walk away until you are ready to eat. Users also praised the low running costs. One reviewer reported with delight that just a month after purchase, it had already paid for itself, even taking into account the cost of the briquettes. Another feature that reviewers were very happy with was the cold smoking facility, which can be operated by simply turning off the slide heat control, and the delicious sweet smoky flavor of the bacon, fish, cheese and even hard boiled eggs that it produces. Further features praised were the small 125 heating element for generating heat, the magnetic seal on the door that means you can be sure it is shut, and the auto puck loading mechanism.

The main source of complaints was the temperature control. More than one person pointed out that it did not actually show the correct temperature. Some also complained that the smoker does not reach high enough temperatures to be able to cook properly, and one said that they had been unable to get the temperature higher than 225 degrees. Some users had actually found the smoke generator unreliable. It was reported that it failed to change the briquettes after 20 minutes as it was supposed to, thus creating an acrid smoke. However, the negative comments were generally outnumbered by the positive ones, and a large number of users loved the smoker for its delicious food and ease of use.

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